Get An Attorney

Your first step will be to schedule an initial consultation for legal advice. With a specialty lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer, you can work together to establish the facts of your claim and determine whether or not you have a strong case. Once you decide to move forward, your lawyer will explain and help you complete the process of filing court papers to initiate your legal case.

Gathering The Facts

Before a court case can move forward to trial, there is a process of fact-finding called “discovery.” This allows all parties to gather as much information as possible about all aspects of the case. Discovery can be long, tedious, and somewhat frustrating while investigations are completed. It is critical to be honest and forthcoming, and to follow your lawyer’s guidance throughout the entire process.

Case Resolution

Many personal injury cases are settled out of court before they reach the trial stage. This means that all parties mutually agree to a resolution, such as a monetary settlement or other compensation for the injured person or persons. If the case eventually goes to trial, it will be decided by a jury based on evidence presented by both sides. If the decision is in favor of the injured, compensation can be substantial.

The Pros Win Cases

In order to have a reasonable and fair chance of winning your case, it is essential to have the guidance of an attorney when entering into a personal injury lawsuit. There are many complicated steps and legal processes within the broad structure of a typical case, and a seasoned professional can help you navigate them successfully to maximize your chances of winning your lawsuit.